Areta Press Course:

Thy American Experience

Thy American Experience

Course Description:

Thy American Experience is a comprehensive course that covers the history of America, from the pre-Columbian era to the present day. This course takes a multidisciplinary approach that includes history, geography, art, and literature, and aims to give students a broad understanding of America's past and its significance to the world today. Through readings, discussions, art projects, and other assignments, students will explore the major events, people, and ideas that have shaped American history and culture.

What Students Aim to Learn

  • Gain a deep understanding of the major events, people, and ideas that have shaped American history and culture.
  • Develop critical thinking skills by analyzing primary and secondary sources, including texts, maps, art, and other artifacts.
  • Improve writing skills through regular writing exercises and the development of a personal history sketchbook.
  • Develop art skills through a variety of art projects that reflect different periods and styles of American art.
  • Develop research skills through library and Internet research projects that explore various topics in American history and culture.
  • Develop communication skills through class discussions, presentations, and other collaborative activities.

What the student will Progress at by the end of the class/course

Throughout the course of "Thy American Experience," students will progress in several ways. They will become familiar with important events, people, and ideas from American history. They will develop their critical thinking and analysis skills as they read, discuss, and write about historical topics. They will improve their research skills as they use various sources to learn more about different aspects of American history. They will also develop their artistic skills as they create various art projects that are inspired by historical events and figures. Additionally, they will improve their organizational skills as they keep a sketchbook with various sketches, maps, timelines, and written narrations. Finally, they will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the rich and complex history of the United States of America.

Final Art Projects the student will finish by then end of the class

Throughout the course, students will complete several final art projects that showcase what they have learned about the American experience. These projects will include creating a Viking ship, a Native American foods still life, a watercolor with fish, a Benjamin Franklin electricity from the sky piece, a George Washington portrait, a cannonball 3D perspective drawing, a coonskin cap sewing project, and more. Each project will challenge students to use their creativity and technical skills to produce a high-quality work of art that reflects their understanding of the historical period and the people who lived during it. By the end of the class, students will have a portfolio of diverse art pieces that demonstrate their growth and progress over the course of the semester.

Exams the students expect to see

Exams in "Thy American Experience" will consist of written tests, quizzes, and projects. Students will be tested on their knowledge of important dates, events, and figures in American history, as well as their ability to analyze primary sources and historical documents. They will also be assessed on their understanding of the different cultures and perspectives that shaped the development of the United States. Projects may include research papers, presentations, and creative assignments such as artwork or music compositions. Overall, exams will be designed to evaluate the students' mastery of the course content and their ability to think critically about the historical concepts and themes presented throughout the class.


In conclusion, the "Thy American Experience" course offers students an immersive and engaging journey through the rich history and culture of America. By the end of the course, students will have gained a deeper understanding of the important events, figures, and movements that have shaped the nation, and developed skills in critical thinking, research, and artistic expression. Through a combination of readings, discussions, writing assignments, and hands-on art projects, students will have the opportunity to explore and engage with American history in a meaningful and memorable way. This course aims to inspire a lifelong appreciation for history and culture, and to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to become informed and engaged citizens of their communities and their country.

Example Art Students Will Create: